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About Us

Collectible Grading Authority (CGA) is the parent company of the well-known and established grading company, Action Figure Authority (AFA), as well as the Collectible Doll Authority (CDA), Die-Cast Authority (DCA), and Video Game Authority (VGA). Since our inception, the main goal of our company has been to grade, authenticate, and preserve your treasured collectibles. Now, we want to focus even more on preservation and visual aesthetics by offering products which promote this goal outside of our standard grading services, such as sliding bottom acrylic cases and poly-bags, as well as several other products to keep your collection in the best condition possible. We can now offer this ecommerce site as a streamlined medium to sell these products in an efficient and effective matter to our valued customers. Our main product, our sliding bottom case, is designed and handcrafted on-site in the United States by an acrylic master craftsman. These cases are designed for collectors who want to periodically remove their items from their protective shell, contrasting the sealed cases made for our graded items. If you are familiar with our grading services, then it will comfort you to know that our sliding bottom cases are made by the same craftsmen and from the same high quality acrylic material as our graded cases. Like our graded cases, these cases are available in standard CP acrylic, which offers substantial UV resistance, as well as UF5 Archival acrylic which offers over 99% UV resistance. We want you to buy here with confidence, so we guarantee your satisfaction by offering a 14-day money-back guarantee on all in-stock sliding bottom acrylic cases and other in-stock products.